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Manic Pixie Dream Dissident

Graphics & icons: Mélanie Laurent/Daniel Brühl and Shosanna/Fredrick

Graphics of Mélanie Laurent/Daniel Brühl and Shosanna/Fredrick. Varying sizes, eight in total.

(It was a strange relationship, actually. We had real fun in Paris when he came to read the lines with me during casting. I know he said to Quentin, 'It’s her.' So I have to say thanks to Daniel for that. There was this chemistry between us immediately, but after that we had these little fights — but cute fights! Like, 'You’re so French!' Or, 'You’re so German.' We were like little children, fighting over these very stupid things. Then we had this moment at that festival in Capri [last December] where we finally discovered each other and had fun and said, 'OK, let’s make peace.')

Six icons, featuring Mélanie Laurent, Daniel Brühl, Shosanna Dreyfus, Fredrick Zoller, and Bridget von Hammersmark/Dieter Hellstrom:

(But even without those little stupid stories, every time I was so glad to have a scene with him, because he’s so professional and very, very generous. When he’s off camera [during another actor’s close-up], he’s still 'here,' performing a scene for you. So we had a lot of fun together.)
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